Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1

Okay, so it's late in the day but still December first and I'm in for a short post. Maybe this daily posting thing is getting to be a habit.

I have been taking additional time (although not every day) to do some writing. Some of it has just been free writing kind of stuff, but some has been in story form. I don't know how long the story will end up being. It maybe short story length or it may be a little bit longer. At this point, I would doubt that it would be book length. In any case, it is nice to work on the habit of writing.

In other news that nobody really cares about, I'm back in the weight loss mode after taking a little longer than a week to indulge in the Thanksgiving holiday foods and the leftovers. Okay, I went beyond the leftovers and just indulged for a few extra days. I ended November pretty much where I ended October making the entire month pretty nonexistent as far as weight loss goes.

Lesson learned. I won't be doing the same for December. I'm sure that I'll manage a few holiday treats and a good Christmas Day dinner, but nothing like the week long binge during November. Regular exercise is going to make its way back into the program (even if it's just a daily walk) and a renewed discipline on how much and what I'm consuming. Losing just 3lbs/week in December will start 2013 at a weight far below what I've been to start the year for many years.

I haven't been keeping the daily diary of food for several weeks but think that I'll get back to it. Just writing down what I'm eating seems to help with the awareness and regulation. I'm trying not to make this whole weight loss thing too much of a chore, but want to keep the importance of it in mind as I continue to work at it.

Enjoy your Sunday.
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Amanda said...

I find that if I get the exercise done first thing in the morning, and I stick to it without any 'rest' days, I'm much more likely to make it habit and less of a chore.

Ever since Richard started working away, I've only been exercising one week out of every month and its a real chore to get to it every day of that week.