Thursday, December 06, 2012

War on Christmas

There are only a few minutes more than an hour to get a post in for today's date. I'll just make a couple of quick observations on the so called War on Christmas and the impact that has on me personally.

The War on Christmas has had no impact on me at all.

I suppose that I could just leave it at that but that really isn't my nature, so I'll add a few more comments.

First of all, the only places that I've heard about this War on Christmas is from Fox News programs, people that watch Fox News programs or people that make fun of Fox News Programs. I'd provide video links but you can get those on your own.

One has to ask the question, "Is there really a War on Christmas?"
Or is it just something to stir the anger of what should be the peaceful, joyous followers of Jesus?

Actually, I fully understand the limiting of nativity scenes or other Christmas decorations on governmental properties. Can you imagine the conservative entertainment complex's outrage if there were government supported displays for Muslims, Buddhists, Wiccans, atheists or other beliefs?

So far, nobody has restricted my rights to make Christmas displays on my own property or in my own home. Businesses seem free to make their own decisions on how to decorate their properties and how they greet their customers--Happy holidays or Merry Christmas.

I'm also wondering--Is the United States the only country that makes such a big deal about all of this or do other countries face these same issues each year?
I know that I have readers from several different countries around the world. would any of my international friends care to weigh in on the War on Christmas debate. I'm just curious.

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