Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Readings Meeting

The December meeting of the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers (OCACW) is our annual Christmas reading meeting. Member write and read about Christmas or winter.

WOW! We have some great writers.

The readings included poetry, prose, some fictional stories and many stories that were recollections of Christmases past. These stories reminded me of Christmases from my childhood and also of Christmases from when my kids were little. As you would expect from a group of Christian writers, the story of the birth of Jesus was included in many of the stories.

Listening to members share their stories reminds me that we are all living out our own stories. Whether we chose to write them down, share them by the telling of our experiences or just live them out so that others will tell our stories for us; we need to remember that we are called to tell His story as we live our own.

Thank you to all of my writing friends for sharing your stories and for always encouraging me to share my stories. Thank you for encouraging me to share His story.

John <><


John said...
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John said...

If you are searching for a reading to share, view this post from a couple of years ago: (copy and paste)