Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When the End Comes...

Several weeks ago I noticed a roadside electronic sign by MoDOT. It said that there had been 694 highway deaths in Missouri in 2012 and that 64% were without seat belts. Today, about six weeks later, the highway death total was at 786! That's over 15 deaths/week and if the rate holds, we'll top 800 for the year.

I mention this information because I was thinking about the December 21st end of the world event that is only a couple of days away. While many can joke about the impending doom and comment about how we are spending our final days, the simple truth is that we have no idea when our individual end might come.

There are no guaranteed number of days. While we don't expect kids to die of terrible diseases, we have had a recent devastating reminder that even children meet with unexpected death. Whether the end comes by disease, accident, illness, violent criminal activity, war or old age; the end comes for all of us. Death is a certainty of life. The question is, what have we done to prepare for it?

I suppose that if you are one of the few that believes life ends at death and the only thing ahead of us is the big dirt nap, then you might consider what legacy you're leaving behind because there is nothing else. However, if you believe that we have souls, that there is an afterlife, are you prepared to face that day?

Does the afterlife consist of heaven and hell, reincarnation or some other spirit life state? I fully expect for the world as we know it to be continuing on the 22nd. But...

The US Census Bureau estimates that there is one death every 13 seconds in the USA. That's 6,646 people in the US that will be alive on the 21st but not on the 22nd. For them, it won't matter whether we have correctly or incorrectly interpreted the Mayan calendar. They will, in my belief, meet their Maker. They will be judged according to the Law, found guilty, and condemned or they will stand with Jesus who has already paid the penalty for their guilt.

Perhaps you have never given any consideration to what happens to your soul when death comes. Perhaps you've never considered that your children could face death before you. I don't think that we need to scare our kids and I don't mean to sound like a doomsday alarmist.

But death is a reality of life and the afterlife is something that each of us must consider.

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eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm hoping there will be good news on the other side. Or at least not-so-bad news.