Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Review

The end of November is finally here!

At the beginning of the month, I decided that I would post everyday at Out of My Hat. I've managed to do that--sort of. On the fourth and again on the seventh, I actually posted twice--once in the morning and then again late at night. I could have scheduled the posts for early the following morning, but opted to just publish them as I finished them. One day (the second) I did post twice. 

That makes this my 31st post for the month.

Reviewing the posts from November and late October, it is easy to see that political posts or posts on controversial social issues generate the most hits. Post that have to do with religion or faith generate the fewest. Although in the early part of the year, religious posts did very well. 
A few people comment on Out of My Hat. A few more on Facebook. Occasionally, somebody will share a post via Facebook or Twitter; rarely via LinkedIn or Google+.

I still find the diversity of my reader group to be pretty amazing. Admittedly, readership has seemed to drop from the beginning of the year. Apparently some have decided that they are no longer interested in the rantings or opinions of an evolving curmudgeon, or those that once read the religious posts have decided that they no longer care for my "religion."

For those of you that are still here and still reading, Thank you!
And thanks for sharing the occasional post or leaving an occasional comment.

I wish that I could promise you that posts that wrap up 2012 and continue into 2013 would be less offensive, less controversial and less opinionated; but that would require me to get somebody else to write Out of My Hat. I will promise to write more often than I did for most of 2012. And perhaps, more frequent posts will generate more varied topics and a greater readership...or maybe not. 

After posting for 31 consecutive days (32 posts), I may just take tomorrow off.
But then again, I may have something to say...

John <><


Mike said...

Well phoooie. Here I was going to tell you that you did NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month. It's always been in November. If you did it they have a little jpeg for you to put on your site. But this year (I just checked) it's DECEMBER! The tricky little bastards!

John said...

Sacre Bleu!

Amanda said...

I used to think of blogs as a place where you were allowed to just speak you mind. Unfortunately, I now think that thats only the case if you blog with a secret identity - I'm not a very frequent blogger these days but I find that very often, I can't blog about something because I might offend a person that I might see the next day.