Thursday, December 27, 2012

Favorite Posts...again

As we enter into the final days of 2012, I return to looking back at my favorite posts. I've already covered some favorites from early in the year and a couple of favorites from all of my posts. Looking back on 2012 I see that I didn't post very much during late spring and early summer. After that it was election politics in full swing and we really don't need to re-live any of that, do we?

If I had to pick a couple of posts from 2012, I go with these two that were widely read and are more about explaining my positions. Even though they received few comments here and only a few more on Facebook or by private message, they were shared by others and among the most read posts of the year.

They were For the Record from August (which was in response to comments about my negativity towards Christianity) and Why Pro-life/Pro-choice Doesn't Factor Into My Vote from October. If you didn't read them the first time or want to read them again just click on the link to take you there.

A better choice would be to go back to July 2011 and read this post about Unsung Heroes. It's a post about people that have quietly encouraged me by doing nothing more than being true to themselves and true to our God.

Yeah, that's a way better choice.
...And still a good reminder to look back at influential people in our lives and to examine how we may unknowingly influence those that are around us, each and every day.

John <><

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