Sunday, February 18, 2018

Haiku 18-2018

Winter, spring, winter
Freezing, seventies, freezing
Life in the Ozarks

John <><

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Haiku 17-2018

February's long
Or at least it seems to be
Haiku month is dumb

John <><

Coffee Conversations and Getting Organized

It's Saturday morning and I've been up for a couple of hours. I woke up around 4:30 and was still awake 30 minutes later so I decided to get up and get the day started. I've read a couple of blogs I follow, had a light breakfast, finished a game of Scrabble on a phone app (I won), and am indulging in my morning coffee.

I decided to go with one of the recipes in my Christmas Coffee Concoctions notebook -- Thai Coffee. As I read through the simple ingredients I thought that I'd have to substitute heavy cream and stevia for the sweetened condensed milk, but Hannah (and Daniel) were all over that and included a can in the gift bag of spices!
It's simple and tasty--coffee with a little cardamom and a little sweetened condensed milk. It has a flavor like a chai tea latte. And since I'm using the Christmas mug from Jenny (and Aaron) it's kind of like having Christmas in February!

--While relaxing on the beach last week, I was reading a book about Louis L'Amour and his daily writing habits.

--One of the guys in our small group is a writer/musician. Over coffee one morning, I asked about his daily routine.

--I was also asked to do some magic, but really wasn't prepared for that. Two things play into that -- I don't normally perform close-up magic and so I rarely practice it, and close-up magic takes a lot of practice.

The result of these things is that I've decided that perhaps I need a little structure in my routine.
Although I have been more intent on writing this year, I haven't set a time or daily writing goal. I need to do that. I'm going to have to evaluate just what I want to accomplish in writing so that it can have some purpose or goal. I also need to set aside a time to read. I've been doing a little more reading and am enjoying it. I need to be more purposeful about setting aside time to read and to write.

I also want to work on some close-up magic regularly. I felt bad about not being prepared to perform a few effects for friends, but hate to perform badly worse than I hate to let people down. I tend to think of myself as a stand-up magician -- meaning small stage performance with no large props. However, when people hear "magician" -- they just want to see a trick. If I'm going to be around people, I need to be prepared for that. (Or I could avoid being around people.)

I also want to work on my Spanish. I have a "listen and learn" course on my phone and have transferred it to my Google drive so that it is also available on my laptop. I want to spent a little time listening (and learning) on a regular basis as well as using some flash cards to increase my vocabulary.

When you throw in exercising, motorcycle riding, and household chores it sounds like an awful lot of stuff -- too much to do without being organized. I think I'll work on a weekly schedule with some things done on a daily basis and others done less frequently.

Since I'm not a very organized guy, I'm asking for your help.
How do you get things done?
How structured is your routine? Daily? Weekly?
Do you use lists?
What inspires you to do what you do?

Help a brother out, would you?

John <><

Friday, February 16, 2018

Haiku 16-2018

Damp and dreary day,
But baseball is on its way!
I'm ready for spring!

John <><

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Haiku 15-2018

Seventies today
Snow forecast Saturday night
Life in the Ozarks

John <><

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Haiku 14-2018

Oh! A good night's rest
Sleeping in my comfy bed
It's good to be home!

John <><

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Haiku 13-2018

All my bags are packed
I am NOT ready to go!
We are heading home.


Monday, February 12, 2018

Vacay -- last full day

It is our last full day in Cancun and this has been a little different trip than we have experienced in the past. I think that Chris and I have spent less time together than on previous travels. We only took one long walk on the beach and haven't ventured off of the resort for a trip into the market or to take any excursions. This is not to say that it's been a bad thing -- just different.

This resort is our first "Adults Only" resort. I will say that there are things that I really like about this resort as well as things that I don't. Not having kids splashing around the pool is a plus for an old guy that just wants to relax, but traveling during the school year pretty much limits that anyway. Individual service has been less than we have been accustomed to for all inclusive resorts, but it's not that big of a deal.

Let me be clear -- I've had a great time and can't say that I'm ready to leave. It's just been a little different.

This is only the second time we have traveled with another couple. And it is the first time to travel with two other couples. I do have to say that I have enjoyed the dynamics of our differences. Our travel companions are just four of the many Canadians that populate the resort. Most of them seem to be from Quebec and French is spoken as much as English is around the pool. Chris and I are the oldest of our small group, with the youngest being alive for fewer years than we've been married.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast, check out and board the shuttle bus to the airport.
Another easy day in the life of John.

John <><

Haiku 12-2018

Almost time to leave
Today is the final day
Leaving tomorrow

John <><

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Vacay -- Day 6 (and a little philosophy)

It is sunrise on Sunday morning and I am holding chairs by the pool for our group. It works out well for everyone that I am an early riser -- even while on a relaxing trip. Many of the chairs are covered pretty early but the people saving them don't show up until quite a bit later. I prefer to stay with the seats I'm reserving for our group. It gives me a chance for my coffee and quite time, a time to read, a time to blog, and a time to witness the sun rising over the Caribbean Ocean.

I'll write more about some of the artistic inspiration I've received from one of our travel companions when I'm back at home and have had more time to organize my thoughts. For now I'll say that I have had  some great conversations and made friends with a fellow seeker of truth. Though our journeys have taken us in very different directions, we share many of the same thoughts and ideas. I believe that a true seeker of knowledge has to have an open mind. I've said that although it is true that not all religions can be right, we rarely think that it is possible that we may all be wrong. Being skeptical or open to critical examination of your own beliefs (and I am) is not the same as doubting. It is merely wanting to know the truth -- if truth exists. And so it is that my new friend (an atheist) and I have had some great conversations.
I'm sure that we will stay in touch and we will again share what we have found along our life journeys and in our individual searches for truth.

Be well, my friends!