Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Story You Can Share (Christmas reading)

Last week I published a post about our annual Christmas reading meeting. It was getting an abnormal amount of traffic and then I figured that people may be doing a search for "Christmas Readings" which was the title of the post.

I'm sure that they were disappointed to find that there wasn't anything there for them to use in a Christmas program of any kind. I've done two things that may help people that will be doing similar searches in the coming days.

I've modified the title to the post from last week.
And I've included "Christmas readings" in the title of this post as well as in the body of the post.
And I'll share a link to the Christmas reading that I used at our annual meeting a couple of years ago. It is another one of my Christmas favorites.

The title was Price vs. Value and you can read it here.

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