Saturday, November 17, 2012

Moving On ...

The GOP machine continues to play the blame game in trying to determine what went wrong and how Gov. Romney lost the election so badly.
Romney blames the gift giving promises of Pres. Obama and the voter/takers for the loss.
Red states are petitioning for secession.
The President says that Gov. Romney's financial plan was rejected by the voters and feels some kind of electoral blessing to implement his plan.
The GOP controlled House says they retained majority status to keep the President from implementing his plan.
We are a divided nation.

After months of political ads, debates and campaigns; after billions of dollars being spent on buying votes and favors, we are back to where we started. Certainly, there have been some subtle changes; a few more Democrats in the House, some new faces in the Senate, but essentially we're back to a Republican controlled House, a Democratic controlled Senate and a Democrat in the White House.

Did we learn anything positive from the past four years or do we continue to nothing for the next four? Do the extremes of the parties hold enough power to continue in an all or nothing negotiating posture where nothing gets done or can the reasonable members of the parties finally step up and recognize that compromise is going to be the way to solve our nation's financial woes?

It's time for our representatives to move on.
It's time to get out of the campaign mode. It's time to stop politicking for the next election. It's time to just do what needs to be done. It's time for our representatives to do their jobs.

And it's time for us, the voters, to hold them accountable.

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