Sunday, November 25, 2012

How would they know?

Most of the people that know me, know that I am a follower of Jesus. Most know that I am an evangelist. Being a "Christian" is who (or what) I am.

However, I wonder just how long it takes people to figure that out. How well do people need to know me before they discover that I am a disciple of Jesus?
Do I guard that part of my identity?
Do I want to get to know people before I open up and share my belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior?

Evangelical Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. We believe that until one confesses Jesus as Lord and believes that God has raised Him from the dead, they are condemned to eternity separated from God. (That's the evangelical sugar coating for going to hell.)

So now the question becomes, "How well do we need to know somebody before we care enough to tell them about Jesus and give them an opportunity to receive His gift of salvation?"

Are we hard enough that we are comfortable to stand by while the people we meet are going to hell? Wouldn't we warn a complete stranger that was getting ready to step into traffic of the danger coming his or her way? Our world is littered with warning signs. Our cars warn us if are about to drive without our seat belts fastened. We are warned when a floor is wet and may be slippery. We are warned if we are approaching a high voltage area. We are even warned that coffee is hot.

We are warned of all sorts of impending dangers. Has anybody ever warned you that you can't get to heaven on your own? That saving yourself or being good enough to gain access to heaven is impossible? Jesus taught that He is the only way to the Father.

Maybe you've never really thought about it before. Maybe you would consider that since life is uncertain, examining the possibility of heaven and hell should be something that you undertake at some point -- before it's too late. If there is a heaven and hell, it might be a good idea to examine what it takes to get into one and to stay out of the other.

A short while back, I posted about the historical person of Jesus. Next up is examining if Jesus is the Messiah. Is Jesus the Son of God? Did he come to save us? And what will you do with the information that we examine?

Sounds like a good pre-Christmas topic.
More to come.
Have a great day.

John <><


Amanda said...

I just came from Mike's blog. You're no 'evil's agent'.

John said...

Thanks, Amanda!