Thursday, November 15, 2012

Returning to Northern Missouri

Hopedale Youth Project Eternity (HYPE) took a little break from our study of teens in the Bible and I got to share a few optical illusions and talk about deception--mostly self deception. It's weird how we can deceive ourselves. I mean, how can we lie to ourselves and be convincing enough that we believe the lie to be the truth? When you put it that way, it sounds impossible. And yet, we are skilled enough that we do it quite often. We also talked about following Jesus; about being disciples and about making disciples. It was a little bit of a continuation of Sunday's Bible study lesson.


This weekend will find me travelling north to Trenton MO once again. I'll be spending Sunday morning at Shelburne Baptist Church and Sunday evening at the Baptist Student Union (BSU) on the campus of North Central Missouri College.

Sunday evening will be the Thanksgiving dinner that the BSU puts on every year and will be the third time that I've been asked to come and entertain and share the gospel with the students that come to dinner. Even though the day is a long one (9+ hrs of driving, morning service, evening dinner and several hours in between), I always enjoy the interaction with the students. Besides, I would drive a great distance for the opportunity to preach on any Sunday--anytime.

It's always nice to be asked back to a venue. Of course it does mean having to come up with some new effects to share. On the plus side of that, it's only a two year college so the audience rotates through quickly. I'm sure that at least one person will have a fun time (I always do)!


I will get back to the apologetics next week. I think that I'll make that a weekly topic on sharing why you can trust what the Bible tells us about God, Jesus, heaven and hell.

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