Monday, November 12, 2012

Go ... Make Disciples

Yesterday's youth group Bible study was centered around the final command that Jesus gave in Matthew's gospel; the command to make disciples.

I think the main problem among evangelicals today is that we cannot teach the things that Jesus taught unless we know them, and we cannot know them unless we are first disciples ourselves. Too often, we claim to be "saved" by Jesus but we have no designs to become students of his life and teachings and therefore, we are unable to fulfill his command of making disciples.

I offered a challenge; an opportunity to the young guys in our class. I offered to study the life and way of Jesus with them in a personal way. Whether we actually meet or work through studies via e-mail, Facebook or some other venue, we will look at the things Jesus taught in his stories, sermons and way of life. I know that Sunday School is supposed to fill that purpose, but let's be honest -- it's pretty light and only for an hour per week.

Fair warning: Many of those lessons may find their way to Out of My Hat.

I'm going to encourage my non-believing friends to continue to read these posts for two reasons.
1) Jesus taught some good stuff.
Even if you choose not to follow Him as Savior and Lord, you can learn a lot about how to live peacefully with fellow human beings.

2) I think that Christians often get this backwards. We tend to want people to choose to trust Jesus as Savior and then we'll teach them the things he taught. I think that if we will just teach Jesus and his ways (make disciples), the Holy Spirit will move in their hearts to bring about true followers.

Have a great week.
Share the simple message -- "God loves you" and "Jesus died for you."
...and study to teach the deeper messages of the Bible; become a disciple of Jesus.

John <><

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