Thursday, November 01, 2012

October 2012: Recap

October 2012 was a good month!

It's always a little weird as I head into the fall months from a ministry perspective. For the past several years it's been well into the summer and my fall calendar was still pretty blank. Then the calls for a revival and a couple of other events roll in and I end up with a fairly busy fall.

This year was no different. I taught an afternoon class on sharing your faith at an Ozark church (OHC), had a weekend event at the end of September in Piedmont MO, a week long revival in nearby Cape Fair, a Trunk or Treat event in Lamar, and wrapped up October with a family event at Springfield's South Haven Baptist Church.

In all of these events, I was privileged to be able to tell people of God's love and how He has provided salvation for those that trust in Jesus. There were professions of faith and commitments to share the gospel story.

Cool, huh?

In addition to the ministry stuff, I've managed to drop a few pounds and get back to a healthier lifestyle. I'd like to keep it up and lose through the holidays. For now, I've got the right mental attitude and that's always the key for my success. I've also got a brother that is checking up on me and encouraging me along the way (thanks, Steve).

And even though I only manged five posts in the month of October, I think I've managed my way through the writing blahs and can get back to posting more regularly.

November begins with an event of great family pride: my youngest brother will receive his Commission as an Officer in the US Navy today. My youngest sister (Ret. Indiana National Guard) will be there to present his first salute.

Congratulations, ENS. Hill!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm glad you had a great month, John. Here's hoping for a great November too. And with the class and mission.

Mike said...

'I've managed to drop a few pounds'

I think I found them.