Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today is our monthly meeting for the Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers.

These monthly gatherings of committed writers always inspire me to write. I've been trying to force myself to publish something every day this month here at Out of My Hat. It may not look like I'm actually writing every day since I sometimes write in the morning one day and then late at night the same day for the following day's post. I know that I can schedule each post to appear at a set time, but I usually just hit "publish" when I'm finished writing.

Today is a cheap post.
I'm just taking the day off from the post election rantings as I join the rest of the country in a collective head shake and sigh as we watch the posturing begin anew in our nation's capital.

I'm sure that readers of Out of My Hat are also readers of various other blogs or internet news sources so you have probably read countless articles analyzing the successes and failures of the various campaigns, as well as the breakdowns of the voters and the effects of the billions of dollars that were spent on advertising.

In any case, we can rejoice that the political ads are history, until the next time...

Moving on to more pressing matters: the holidays are upon us! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day. It is a festive time of year and we ought to set aside the things that divide us and enjoy the food and festivities of the season.

Deer hunters are in the Missouri woods this weekend. I wish you all success in thinning the population so that I don't have to make a personal contribution to the effort by hitting one with my car. Be safe, friends.

I'll leave you with a link to a song from the latest CD from my friends at Calling Glory. (I've been listening to them as I write.)
John <><

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