Friday, November 02, 2012

Getting to the Polls

As we enter into the weekend prior to election day (and to the end of this cycle's annoying political ads), I hope that everybody (that hasn't already voted) is making plans to get to the polls.

Several weeks ago, I requested to have Nov. 6 off at work. I've done this to make myself available to help people get to their voting places. If you live in Southwest Missouri and know of somebody that needs a ride to their polling place, have them contact me. They can leave a comment here, send me an e-mail, or give me a call.

In spite of the fact that Missouri is primarily a red state and I'll probably be taking people that will vote in opposition to my own vote, my main objective is to get people to the polls. Since I don't know if there will be anyone that wants to take advantage of this offer, it would help if any requests would be made at the earliest opportunity. I prefer to avoid the peak times (early morning, lunch hour, evening) but will be available all day.

Pastors, if you have people in your churches that need a lift, give them my number. Facebook friends, do you know of somebody that needs a lift? Put them in contact with me.

Let's all get out and vote.

My prediction is that either President Obama or Governor Romney will become the President of the USA.
Either Senator McCaskill or Congressman Akin will become the Senator of Missouri.
... And God will remain on His Throne.
Those that vote against Romney, Akin or any others like them will not burst into flames and be condemned to eternal hell fire (at least not for their vote).

Maybe we can re-learn good manners and treat people with differing opinions with respect. Maybe we can learn to ignore the hateful vitriol that the politicians and the political spin doctors spew (and will continue to spew) on a regular basis.

Whether you view your vote as a civic duty or an incredible privilege, please vote.
We are the USA
...and that's what we do.

John <><

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