Wednesday, May 18, 2022


I'm not a very good gardener.
I'd like to be, but I really don't like to work that hard.
I love pretty flowers and I love the idea of growing our own food, but I'm not a big fan of working the soil and that whole "by the sweat of thy brow" bit.

The weeks of rain, a bit of being gone for a week, and some guests at home have put me a little behind in planting. That's not too big of a deal. It's a long growing season. It's just that I need to get busy and I am not too motivated at this point. It's too bad I can't afford a gardener. I think I'd be pretty good at telling someone else what I want planted and letting them do the work. I'd be just as proud of the work I paid to have done as the work that I actually have to do myself.
When you only work at it a couple of hours per day and don't actually work at it every day, it takes a while to accomplish anything. Today should be a good day. Maybe I'll manage more than just a couple of hours.

I have to admit that I do like the experience of nature. I just wish I was better at it. I like the connection to the earth, and appreciate the whole circle of life thing. I think of the earthworms breaking down our scraps into compost, seeds sprouting into vegetables and flowers, bees, butterflies, and birds pollinating and sipping nectar--it's a pretty cool little eco-system. Well, it will be once I get it going.
I better get moving. Those seeds aren't going to plant themselves!


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Mike said...

We had a garden for the first couple of years in our new house. That was 46 years ago. Now I'll plant a tree and wait 10 years to see how it goes.