Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Day of Preparation

It is the day before Thanksgiving and so it will be a day of cleaning and preparing for a big meal and for a few guests that will join us for our traditional Thanksgiving feast.

This year we have a huuuuuge monster bird!
Fortunately, we know the folks that raised it and know that there were no growth hormones or any other kind of crap pumped into this turkey prior to its execution and delivery to our freezer a few weeks back. These people moved into their country home early in the year and decided to raise Thanksgiving turkeys for a few friends. We were one of the lucky families.

Well there is cleaning to be done in the house, a little yard work to be done outside of the house and I still need to enjoy a couple more cups of coffee.
Hey, a guy has to have priorities!

Be thankful!

John <><

1 comment:

Mike said...

Good luck getting the bird cooked right. Maybe you had better start cooking it today if it's that big.