Thursday, November 24, 2016


There are so many things for which I am thankful!

I hope that my gratitude is expressed regularly and not saved up for a day of thanksgiving. I suppose that Thanksgiving is a good holiday to have right before we get into the Christmas shopping season. It is a bit ironic that the masses gather to fight over the Black Friday deals and even the early deals on Thanksgiving day right after giving thanks for their many blessings.

For some reason, this morning I don't really feel like writing about my many blessings.
I am happy to just feel thankful for them.
Sometimes, writing is a good way to express ourselves. I find that it helps to organize my thoughts and feelings in a way that helps others to understand this pea-brained mind of mine.
But I also believe that self reflection and random thinking is a good way to process my thoughts if it is only for me. I don't need to organize the thoughts and feelings this morning for others to understand me. I am grateful for many people and things, but I am most grateful to God for blessing me as He has.
...And I think that He understands me.

Be grateful.

John <><

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