Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chicago's Riverwalk

After a late brunch at Chicago's Haymarket Pub, we (Aaron, Jenny and I) took a nice stroll along Chicago's Riverwalk. The shops are closed for the season, but it is still well attended by individuals and families for a day out along the river.
I am happy that The Haymarket is one of Jenny's favorite places for Sunday brunch because it is also my favorite. I had my standard Morning Riot -- and loved it!

Then we drove to lower Wacker where Jenny has access to C-DOT parking where they access the bridges that cross the Chicago River. I got a nice lesson on the area development, the inspection and maintenance of the bridges and the history of some of the downtown buildings.

We went from there to a lazy afternoon in the condo and will be heading out to evening church shortly.

Nice, easy Sunday.
Life is good!

John <><


Mike said...

I didn't know Chicago had a riverwalk.

John Hill said...

It is very nice in the spring, summer and early fall.