Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas is Coming ... so is Jesus!

It's getting late and I have yet to post today. I'll be happy when this posting everyday for a month thing ends.

Tomorrow morning I'll be preaching at a church about 60 miles from home. It looks like rain is in the forecast, so I'm planning on driving.
It is the beginning of Advent -- the preparation for the coming of the Christ.

At some point, as a kid I thought it was weird that we did the Advent thing every year.
I mean -- Didn't Jesus come like two thousand years ago?

Today, I look at the season as a reminder that we are to be preparing for the Second Coming of Our Lord. It's a little strange that we always see Christmas as a gift received and Easter as a sacrifice made.
I wrote this post five years ago and it will be the basis for my pre-Christmas message for tomorrow morning.

I hope that you are doing more than preparing for the holiday of Christmas and are making daily preparations for the return of Jesus.

John <><

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