Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Post-election Observations and Thoughts

I am blogging this morning from the waiting area at OSF Hospital in Peoria IL where my dad is scheduled for an out patient surgery.

After voting yesterday morning, I made the 400 mile drive to be here this morning. I watched the national returns on the local news and kept up with Missouri's results via the internet.
This morning (and last night) I've been reading posts from across the country and around the world about the election.

As I stated on a social media post of my own, most of the international posts are in shock at the Trump victory (including this humorous meme posted by a Canadian friend).

The domestic posts and comments are divided between those celebrating (along with some gloating) and those grieving (along with some very disparaging remarks).

I don't think that the world is going turn upside down overnight (or ever). I am not saying that there won't be some tough changes and negative consequences, but there would have been some changes regardless of the outcome of the election.

While the state of the ACA (Obamacare for those that only recognize it by that name) is in jeopardy, it is worth noting that the minority Senate of the past six years was able to keep Congress from repealing it in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I do expect the GOP that strongly criticized President Obama for his use of Executive Orders will far exceed the relatively few ExOs that he issued.

The Senate Democrats will take on the role of obstructionists and hope to keep things status quo by using the filibuster rule. It will be interesting to see what happens in the House leadership. I expect that Ryan will be out as Speaker and replaced by a Trump supporter. Upcoming budgets and annual deficits will be interesting. Many that raise concerns over the mounting National Debt will be paying close attention to this economic savior. I'll be interested to see how quickly they raise the debt ceiling when it comes up next spring.

Because we are a global community, markets and economies around the world will react to the news of the election for a brief time, and to the decisions made by the new administration as they happen.

My greatest regrets and concerns with the results of the election are the tacit approval given to those that choose to rule and intimidate by bullying, name calling, physical assault and threatening comments and gestures. Our First Lady Elect's stance on anti-bullying will be interesting to watch unfold.
I am also concerned about the perception that non-Christian believers will have on Christianity as a whole and on Jesus in particular. One evangelical leader has warned us by saying -- When you mix religion and politics you get politics. This cycle's evangelical right has made a mockery of religion by its support of a candidate that quite literally stood for many of the things Jesus opposed.

I think that a lot can be known about the character of both sides in how we (as individuals and collectively) act in response to the election results. Winners and losers need to be graceful and kind in their celebrations and grieving. While I think that the coming four years will be challenging, I refuse to be negative about my country. We have endured through wars and economic depression. We have responded to terrorist attacks, both foreign and domestic. Democrats survived Bush. Republicans survived Obama. Americans have survived one administration after another, one Congress after another. We will survive and probably prosper in the next four years.

My optimism my be misplaced, but We Are the United States of America.
Go about your day. Be your best. This experimental government has been working for 240 years. It will work for another four.

John <><

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Mike said...

Executive Orders and Trump are a scary combination.