Saturday, November 19, 2016

Flame On!

With the first overnight into freezing temperatures, we decided to fire up the furnace yesterday evening. Today is forecast to be sunny with highs in the upper 40's (around 7C) and tonight will be a little colder than last night.

Looking ahead, daytime highs might make it to 60 (15C) next week, so I guess it will remain on for a little while. I expect that we will still have an occasional warm day and we will turn it off and open the windows, but those days will be fewer as winter draws closer.

Our part of southwest Missouri has pretty mild winters. We will get an occasional heavy snow, but it is nothing compared to having lived in northern Illinois or Iowa, and the temperatures generally make it above freezing on most days. I plan to ride the motorcycle throughout the winter, only leaving it parked when there is snow or ice on the roads or in extreme cold. I have suitable dress for cold weather and don't plan on any long trips. Of course if we get a few days in the 70's, I may have to make another lunch run to St. Louis (about 450 miles, round trip)!

I think I need a warm, sunny beach and a larger bank account!

Stay warm, my friends!

John <><

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Mike said...

We've had the furnace on and off for about a month now.