Friday, November 04, 2016


When it comes to physical flexibility, I am not at all flexible.
I'm working on it, but progress is slow

I find that yoga is a more than just a physical exercise to improve flexibility and strength. It also helps to calm the mild and quiet the soul. The paced breathing, the physical stretching, the muscular exertion -- all require a concentration that focuses the mind as it exercises the body.

Working to increase physical flexibility requires some commitment and persistence. It also requires a willingness to work at it; a desire to push the physical limits of ability to increase in strength and flexibility.
When I first began with yoga, I found the terms confusing, but interesting. Although I still have trouble with many of them, the simple phrase of "opening the (whatever joint/body part)" is one that I've come to understand.

I wonder if it is as difficult to increase our mental strength and flexibility as it is our physical abilities. Does it take a desire to want to change? Is the desire alone insufficient to bring about a change in our attitudes and our way of thinking? Does it take work; mental exercise that pushes the limits of our attitudes and way of thinking?

If opening our minds requires as much effort as opening our joints, I can see why so many people choose to remain closed minded. Change can be uncomfortable.
Of course, remaining the same is sometimes just a hazardous condition that we have grown used to, and the comfort of remaining the same seems easier than the discomfort of change.

I don't think that everyone needs to change their mind.
I do think that we all need to open our minds.
And even that takes some commitment and work.

John <><


Mike said...

Try not to break anything.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I agree with your advice about opening our minds.