Thursday, October 31, 2013

A very quiet day...

I love the sound of quiet.

Today is a nice quiet day. There is work to be done to prepare for tomorrow's trip, but it's still a quiet day. After working the mid and getting a little sleep, I'm catching up on laundry and enjoying a cup of coffee while doing a little social networking.

I'm again reflecting that I don't see many people  or have many direct contacts that give me the opportunity to talk to people about important things and hear their ideas on life, love and whatever drives their inner self.
Outside of the program last night (around 50 kids plus a good number of adults) I only talked to a hand full of people yesterday--today will probably be even fewer.

I saw this e-card posted this morning and thought, "That is so me" (except for the woman's silhouette)!

Still working on that "be a better John" thing. It's a chore!

John <><

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