Saturday, October 05, 2013

Rainy Days

It is a rainy Saturday morning in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. There are scores of little guys playing football in the rain and all of their families watching the muddy little guys.

Hannah is off visiting with a friend. Aaron is working on some studies while Jenny is getting things ready for a friend's wedding. Maybe the rain will end and the sun can come out before wedding time. Chris is working and I'm getting ready to head out to help a friend the rain.

It's a nice steady rain, no thunder, no wind. My guess is that it's a cold rain. Oh well. The front is supposed to bring in more seasonable temperatures for the coming week.

Although the government continues in "shutdown" mode, the vote to grant furloughed workers back-pay should take place soon. They should be made whole and paid for the time they should have been working, but if you're going to pay them anyway, what's the point of having them off work and the government shutdown? Our illustrious legislators do some of the dumbest things. They claim to be fiscally conservative and yet they waste more money doing stupid stunts to make political points.

Time for me to get going to help some friends (yes, I have a few). Just heard the first thunder of the morning and the rain seems to be getting heavier...timing is everything, right?

Have a great Saturday!
It's a good day to be you.

John <><

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