Friday, November 01, 2013

Smile! It's November 1st!

How is it possible that it is already November? Has 2013 flown by and 2014 is just around the corner?

Well here's the brief November plan for the "be a better John" project:

I want to keep after the weight loss but realize that it is coming off much more slowly now. I did manage to make my October goal of 225, which was only a 5# loss. Keeping in mind the slower loss rate and the coming holidays, I'm setting the very modest goal of 7 more pounds by the end of the year. That will put me at 218 which is -40 pounds since the beginning of June. Schedule and cooler temps have kept me from riding as much as I want. I'll need to be more focused on getting in my exercise time.
As a bonus, I am finding clothes in my closet that I haven't worn in a long time that fit me again! On the downside, losing 30 pounds of insulation has narrowed my comfort level when it comes to temperature and I find myself feeling a bit chilled more easily. I guess I'll be able to put a couple of those sweaters that fit again to good use!

I have a couple of school assemblies coming up at the end of the month. My goal is to incorporate some of the new stuff from my recently acquired business into my presentation. These assemblies are a part of a weekend revival in Bethany MO just before Thanksgiving.

Later today I'll be boarding a flight as I head to the sunny south for a weekend at Belle Glade's First Baptist Church for their Harvest Blowout! I am looking forward to working with Pastor David Stone again and honored that he would call on me for this event.

I expect that these will be my last two events of 2013. I will probably make an appearance at our senior adult's Christmas dinner, but I doubt that there will be anything else. I do have a couple of things already on the calendar for 2014 and am looking forward to a busier year.

I really do need to work on being more of a people person. I've never considered myself to be an introvert as I am quite comfortable with people when put in that situation. However, I am really beginning to realize that my preference is to keep company with very few people. The extent of solitude that I enjoy isn't exactly what I would call a Christ-like attitude towards people in general.


More work to do to "be a better John" in November. Perhaps today's travel adventure will provide an opportunity to brighten somebody's day!
I hope that the adventures of your day will provide you with an opportunity to lift somebody's spirit. A kind word, a cup of coffee, even just a smile might be all it will take. Let's just see how many smiles we can encourage today. If the thought of making somebody smile makes you smile, then I've got one already!

Since I don't know if you follow this blog from Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or another site, where ever you are, leave a comment and share your smiles and your shared smiles.

John <><

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