Friday, October 25, 2013

Preaching, Teaching and Entertaining

I don't think there is anything that gets me pumped up more than the opportunity to share the message of God's love. It doesn't matter if it's an opportunity to preach from a pulpit, teach in a classroom setting or small group, or sharing the story through magic--it is an incredible high to get to tell people about God and His great love!

By the end of August, I thought I was pretty much finished for the year. I haven't really marketed myself when it comes to preaching revivals and am generally slow through September, have a few dates in October and pretty much finished by November (except for an occasional Thanksgiving event). But all of a sudden I had a couple of September dates and my October started to fill up with preaching at Hopedale on the 18th, travelling to Milan MO on the 19th to preach a one-day revival event on the 20th. This was followed by a evening event for a small group Bible study in Springfield on the 22nd and a Kids' night event on the 23rd in Galena MO! We have a mission trip meeting on Saturday night the 26th. I'll be at Cedar Ridge Baptist on the 30th and have now booked a weekend event at a pastor/friend's church in South Florida for the first weekend of November!

I have also booked a weekend revival back in Northern Missouri for the weekend before Thanksgiving--Friday, Saturday, Sunday events at the church plus two school assemblies on Friday!

Sometimes I just stop and look towards the heavens and ask, "God, what is going on?"
I go from nothing to something nearly every week! It's pretty crazy, but it is so much fun!

I hope to use some of my new material in the school assemblies. Right now I don't think it will be the exact program that I bought, but I will eventually work towards it being pretty close. I think what I'd like to do for now is begin with what I've been doing and incorporate the new stuff a little at a time and build into the rhythm of the new show. Once I get that established, it will be time to look at hanging up the headset and moving beyond the ATC world.

Sometimes I wonder about how much marketing I should be doing--or should I just continue to leave it all in God's hands? He seems to keep me as busy as I can really stand most of the time. I struggle between being a good steward of my time; marketing the gifts He has blessed me with and just having the faith to know He's in control. I don't want to confuse faith with laziness and end up missing opportunities because I wasn't faithful in promoting the work that glorifies Him.
Know what I mean?

I was pretty excited yesterday after booking two weekend events for November. I get excited about it as I write about it. I can't wait to start putting things together for upcoming events.

This will be a full weekend.
I hope that your weekend will be filled with joy! Do something nice for somebody. Share it here if you want to. I would love to hear about it!

John <><

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