Monday, October 21, 2013

Back to Characters

A short while back I initiated a new label for my blog with a post called Characters. I wanted to get back to that and write about some of the people and characters that I encounter. These Character posts might be about people in general, specific people, or behavioral tendencies that some people possess.

One character that I don't encounter often enough is my baby sister. I really love that girl. I know that she really isn't a "girl" any more. She's a woman. Although she'll always be a girl to me, I'll do my best to refer to her as the woman that she is.

When I see a mom that I can tell really enjoys being a mom, I smile and I think of her. Being "Mom" to her kids is what she really loves doing and being. I love getting texts or messages from her asking about the night sky. I love that she sits out in the cold with her oldest daughter to watch the late fall meteor showers. I love that she loves to laugh.

Li'l sis is incredibly mission minded. She sees needs and works to meet those needs. We have very different views when it comes to politics, so we just don't talk about that stuff much. She has always been a fan of her oldest brother. I don't think that there is any meanness in her. She has a gentle spirit, a strong will and a giant heart. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea that I am also a fan of hers.

I'm not sure why I started these character posts with her; maybe it's because she sent a friend to see my show last night in Milan MO and was on my mind this morning. Did I mention that she's a fan of mine? Thoughts of my little sister are good thoughts to start the week right.

Makes this big brother smile!

John <><

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Amanda said...

You're a lovely big brother to think so highly of your little sister!

I have a little brother, although he is more of a grouchy old thirty-something now. I can't write as glowing a post about him because he is still as whiny as he was when he was 3 years old. The difference is that he texts me his complaints and now we have a laugh about our rotten days.