Friday, January 18, 2013

Out of My Hat(s)!

In an internet meme that was going around my blogging circle four years ago calling for Ten Honest Things About John, I wrote that I like hats--not caps, hats.

For post number 800, I thought I would write about my hat--my favorite hat. The idea for a post about my hat came to me last Saturday at our Writers' meeting.

I stopped for a coffee at Starbucks on the way and the girl at the drive-up window made a comment about how she liked my hat. When I arrived at the meeting, one of the members also made a comment about it. Of course, I like getting compliments on my hat--especially from strangers, and I get them pretty often. Maybe the compliments are extra nice since Chris doesn't really care for my hat.

It is unusual in that it is a whole-hide leather cowboy hat. I bought it in Mexico over a decade ago and I have never seen another hat like it--even on subsequent trips to Mexico.

It is not a summer hat. One of the few things that I look forward to as fall approaches each year, is breaking out the "awesome hat" (a name given to it by one of Hannah's friends).

I have a variety of summer hats, too. They range from the rough, wear to the lake (and in the lake!) hat... the everyday keep the sun off my face... a little nicer straw.

I also have a winter felt dress hat.

And of course, the show prop wool top hat!

As always, thanks for stopping by at Out of My Hat.
And now you know what my hats look like!

John <><

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Mike said...

The first hat looks like a crocodile hunting hat.