Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Planning Your Work and Working Your Plan

It's been a couple of days on the road with my thoughts. I often drive with no radio or CD, just the steady hum of the road and traffic. I don't generally think about anything in particular, nor do I seem to stay on any thought for very long. All-in-all, I like the mindless interlude that a long drive provides. I'm not one to look at the surroundings too much. I'm happy to just drive along with the back window down (even in freezing temps) and pay momentary attention to what ever fleeting thought graces me with its presence before giving way to something else.

I often make use of the road time by catching up with somebody on the cell phone. I avoid talking on the phone in heavier traffic or in unfamiliar areas, but cruising down the interstate offers little distraction and a phone conversation does pass the time.

Mostly, I just think of some things that I need to do--write more often is one of them.
Not blogging, more serious writing. I've said that I need to write more as I study the Bible; even prepare sermons for a future date that I may get to actually preach them. Book--yeah, that's still on the table, too. I would also like to look for an outlet for just some simple articles or something like that.
Just thoughts...

I also have some specific magic that I'd like to work on--close up stuff. With that, I need to develop a forum for presenting it since most of what I do is more of the stand up variety of magic.
Again, more thoughts without a specific plan...

Maybe I should just get started by writing out a plan...

Okay! That's what I'll do.
Time to go now. I've got a plan to write a plan!

John <><

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