Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Self-Promo Time!

I know that it seems to be the habit of many church organizations to wait until the last minute to think about booking preachers/entertainers for their annual events, but you'll have a better chance of getting the persons you want if you start early. Plus you'll have the added benefit of the person you call being better able to meet your specific needs by adapting to your theme and you'll be able to better promote your event.

I've booked several events for the coming year, but most in the winter/spring.

I know that I will get calls for an Upwards Awards Night or two as that season ends and AWANA closing programs in May. I generally tend to get these just a couple of weeks before the event even though the events are on the calendar now.

The same is true for summer camps. If I can be of service for an daytime program or evening service, please call as early as possible.

In addition to revivals, crusades or other evangelistic events, I can teach classes on sharing your faith or beginning classes on apologetics. For preachers that already have vacations planned for the summer, now would be a good time to schedule a supply preacher for the Sundays that you'll be gone.

It's funny how my calendar fills up. I can be heading into fall with nothing scheduled and end up being as busy as I can stand to be. And that's okay. But I feel like everybody is happier with the end product when I have more time to plan and prepare and I have a better chance of being able to make the date when I have time adjust my work schedule.

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