Tuesday, January 01, 2013

And the Streak Continues...

It was after having posted for the first week in November and attending our monthly meeting of the Ozark Chapter of American Christian Writers' (OCACW) meeting that I felt challenged to write more often. I started by setting a goal to write something every day.

I did a little free writing and stored it in my Google Documents (now Google Drive). I also started something that may work itself into that elusive book. At first, I thought that setting daily writing time aside would mean that I would be blogging less. As it turned out, I decided that this is as good a forum as any to write if I am going to be writing a little bit every day.

...And after having posted something for the past 62 straight days, it's a little bit difficult to just not post something.

January 1 offers the opportunity to post about the grand plans for the coming year. I imagine that many are making their annual resolutions and even resolving not to have any New Year's resolutions. I'll make a later post about some of my personal decisions for the coming year--writing will be a part of them.

I know that at some point a day will pass that I won't post something here at Out of My Hat. When that happens (and it could be tomorrow), it won't be a big deal--not to me or to anybody else. But until then...

I am enjoying some subtle encouragement by receiving an invitation to join a writer's circle on Google +.
I am planning on bringing some of my writing to the OCACW critique group following the January meeting.
I am planning on writing better notes during my personal Bible study time so that I can develop sermons from them as the opportunities are presented this year.

I think that reading is a big part of being a good writer, so I really want to be more purposeful about reading this year. I read a lot. But in 2012 I found myself reading more of the daily articles, blogs and news stories on the internet than books of fiction or non-fiction. I rarely enjoy a book of fiction anymore; I need to do that once in a while this year.

I hope that you find enough interesting material at Out of My Hat that you will continue to read during the coming year. Hopefully there will be the occasional inspiration to share this post with your friends or leave a comment here or at on of the other forums where you might find Out of My Hat, like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn or Twitter.

For now, duty calls and it's time to set this aside and get ready for work. I hope that you have a relaxing holiday recovering from your New Year's Eve celebrations.

I wish each of you a joyous and prosperous 2013!

John <><


Mike said...

Put the pen down and get to work. The planes need you.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Have a great year, John.