Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday (that's the day before Saturday)!

I'm reminding you that it's the day before Saturday so that you can be planning for our Be Nice to a Stranger Day. I do hope that you will participate and maybe even share your experience. I've made a couple of plans that involve people that aren't exactly strangers (and that's okay--you can, too), but I also plan on targeting a random stranger or two for an encouraging word or act of kindness. Let's have a great Saturday and make a few people smile!
If you haven't already shared this post with your friends, please do! The more people being nice, the better our world will be -- for a day, anyway!


Saturday is also the day for our Ozarks Chapter of American Christian Writers' meeting. This is our "Lightning Writing" meeting which will challenge your creativity. If you are up for the writing challenge and live in the Springfield MO area, please consider coming to the meeting. You'll get a few starting sentences to choose from and about 45 minutes to write. This is always a fun meeting! Please come and join us.


Wow! I had a voice mail today from my Congressman's office! I sent an e-mail with some suggestions for budget cuts and they actually called to talk about them. I'll call them back today. I encourage you to share your reasonable ideas with your reprehensatives, as well. Who knows? Maybe they're to the point of actually listening to their constituents!

Have a grand weekend!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm in for Be Nice to a Stranger Saturday. Maybe it could grow into a weekly event!

John Hill said...

Angel! First you wanted to do this quarterly, now it's weekly! How often am I going to have to be nice?
I'm trying to emulate my two favorite curmudgeons--Bilbo and Mike. This 'be nice' day was a momentary lapse in that effort.

Mike said...

John, I had a stranger in my front yard you could have been nice to. If I see him again I'll send him down your way.