Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sunday! Sunday! SONday!

There is something about Sunday.

I look forward to Sunday mornings. This day, the first Sunday of 2013, was no exception.

Sundays are more than just a day off of work. Sundays are days set aside to express our love for God and to worship Him. Most Sundays I am at Hopedale. I am privileged to be to able share the Bible with our high school boys during our Bible study time. I am honored to be able to worship our God with a few hundred other believers. And I am humbled that God chooses to speak to me through the preaching of His Word.

Sometime this week I will share with you our Bible study lesson. I think it's a good lesson and needs to be shared with more than a dozen or so teen aged boys. But that will be for another post.

One of the things that made today an exceptional day was that I got to hear a second great message preached--another one from my son, Aaron.

Click here to take you to the link and on the speaker icon to hear the message (or arrow to download it).
Please take the time (a whole 24 min) to listen.
Where is your heart? Where is your treasure?

John <><

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