Thursday, January 03, 2013

Kicking the Can

As much as I hate to start the year with another political commentary on the ineffectiveness of our elected reprehensatives, I have to say that I am thoroughly disgusted with the non-work that has been done in Congress in regards to taxes and spending.

I am interested in compiling a list of government expenditures that can be cut to reduce spending. I know that everybody has their own ideas--some well thought out and reasonable, some not so very much. If you have an idea, please suggest it here. Even one idea that saves a measly 1 million dollars is a helpful idea--really less than that if the expenditure doesn't outweigh the benefit.

Be nice.

Here we go!

John <><


Mike said...

Quit buying stuff the Pentagon says they don't need like a backup jet engine.

John Hill said...

I wonder how much federal income would be generated if the NFL and NHL lost their non-profit status? (Okay, maybe not so much for the NHL, but it might give them less money to fight over so they could start playing again!)

Bilbo said...

Mike's comment is a good one. Everyone condemns the Pentagon for the size of its budget, and I know from personal experience that there's a lot of fat and waste in there, but the biggest problem with the Pentagon budget is Congress. Members of Congress protect military bases that aren't needed by the Services, but which support their local economies. The Services are often forced to buy things they don't want because they are manufactured in the districts of powerful members. The Services are sent to war or used for humanitarian missions without being given additional resources ... they take it out of hide. And so on.