Monday, January 07, 2013

The Benefits of Regular Posts

I am not a regular blogger. When I started Out of My Hat, I thought that it would be nice to post something a couple of times a week or so. Looking back, there have been only three months that I have posted everyday--the past two months (Nov. and Dec. '12) and August of '08.

A noticeable benefit of daily posting is daily readership. (Imagine that!) For the first time in all of these years, I've manged to reach 4,000 hits in a one month period. I realize that's nothing compared to several of the blogs I read, but none-the-less, a mile stone worth mentioning.

Now that we are one week into the new year (how long is it acceptable to call it the "new" year?), I hate not to post for fear of dropping below the 4,000 count. The Google counter drops a day every day and then adds the hits from the current day. At the beginning of Saturday I was below 4,000 but made the climb on the daily hits. As soon as the counter rolled over to Sunday (6pm CST), I dropped back below the mark only to climb back during the day.

Really, it's not all that important. I suppose that if I allowed Google to run ads and I actually made money when people clicked on the ads, then it may be more important to keep readers coming back and to hope for new readers. As it is, it's just a personal best that the competitive person in me would like to keep improving on.

There were no political or controversial posts in December, but there were a couple of Christmas posts that received more than the usual number of hits. I guess I'll have to keep looking for interesting things to post about.

That's it for the first week of 2013. How are you doing on your resolutions? Still working out? Still dieting? Still reading the Bible? Still doing whatever it is that you resolved to do?

I'm just glad that you're still reading!
Have a great week #2 of 2013!
36 days 'til pitchers and catchers report to camp!
And the Cubs are still undefeated in '13!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm a regular visitor to your blog, John Hill. Thank you for the inspirational messages and the wisdom.


John Hill said...

Thanks, Angel. I appreciate your frequent comments and I always enjoy your blog as well.

Bilbo said...

I read your blog regularly, even if I don't always leave comments. While we don't follow the same spiritual path, I always admire your sincerity of belief. It's not easy (or always necessary) to post daily ... I've gotten into the habit of posting daily because I find it a good creative outlet; however, if there should come a time when I don't think I can keep my blog interesting and topical, it'll be time to hang up the ol' keyboard. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you're going to be in DC any time ... if Mike can make it, surely you can!

John Hill said...

Mike is retired. He doesn't have anything else to do but scour the internet for weird sites and bizarre information, and travel...

...oh yeah, and stay up late and sleep late!

Mike said...

@Bilbo - John SHOULD be retired. I remember a count down clock. It got to zero and then ...... NOTHING HAPPENED!

John Hill said...

John is eligible to be retired. Eligible and able are different things. If the IRS would let me at my money without a tax penalty, I'd probably go, but I hate the thought of just giving them 10% of my money!

Bilbo said...

John, it looks as if You and I let Mike beat us to the retirement nirvana. Sigh.