Friday, January 18, 2013

A Good Habit; A Not so Good Habit

Many years ago (about 25), I had a standing monthly order of cigars from the Thompson Cigar Co. While I have always enjoyed a good cigar, over the past many years I have very rarely had one. Sometime before Christmas I saw an internet ad for a sampler pack of 12 cigars, a small cherry wood humidor, lighter and cigar cutter for $19.95. It was a pretty good deal--about $90 worth of stuff for 20 bucks...and it was from Thompson, a company with which I was familiar.

It became one of my presents...and an old habit was renewed.

On the more positive side of that habit, I don't smoke them in the house and a good cigar takes about 45 minutes or more to smoke. So I've been walking while I enjoy a cigar. I can't say that I've had one every day or that I've had one every walk, but I have been walking nearly every day and usually it's to justify smoking a cigar.

Is that a bad thing?

On the down side, it does add a cost to the otherwise economical exercise of walking as the price of a decent daily cigar can start to add up. Thompson usually has some good deals and I've discovered their auction site. I managed a $126 retail buy at $39 and an $18 deal for $3.

I'll keep up with the walking. I guess the cigar smoking will continue for a while, at least. Below are pics of the humidor and the current cigar stock.

John <><

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Emily said...

What is it about a good cigar? :)
They smell. :p