Thursday, January 13, 2022

Reclaiming My Deck

You know that I spend a lot of time on the screened in deck. I practically live out here most of the year. Winter kind of sucks for spending time on the deck. Even sunny days can be challenging as winter breezes can be downright cutting.

I have managed to enclose the deck for the winter months. Transparent plastic sheeting is difficult to find and very expensive to order. Translucent is the best I could do with my limited budget and skill, but I did manage to make panels to keep the wind out and make the deck more habitable for the next couple of months.

Two of the upper panels are easily removable for days when it is nicer or when I just want to see out. I do miss the scenery, but will settle for just being out here for the time being. A space heater helps to warm the area near the futon enough that a sweater and sweatpants makes it comfortable enough to enjoy.
I imagine that I'll still be having my early morning coffee by the fireplace, but reading throughout the late morning and afternoons can be back on the deck. I may have to wear socks, but I can deal with that.

I'm ready for spring.



Mike said...

A 10 foot by 100 foot roll of clear doesn't look like it costs that much.

Cloudia said...

You did a nice job John. I'm glad you're out of that cutting wind. I spent 4 years in California recently and really appreciate being home in Hawaii particularly in the winter. Thanks for your visits. I see you're Mike's friend. I won't hold that against you 😉