Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WARNING! WARNING! Social networking changes coming!

I think that I'm beyond the point of needing to network for any kind of personal or business benefit.
I have a LinkedIn account but have only had a few business contacts that resulted in jobs for preaching or magic.
I have a business page on Facebook, but it is mostly populated with people that are also my friends on my personal page.
I have unfollowed a moderate number of Facebook friends because of the constant negativity that is on their feed. I'm not at all opposed to differing opinions; just the constant bashing and negativity that is often associated with those that have opposing views.
I expect that there are a number of friends that have also unfollowed me.

On the plus side of social networking:

I have been able to connect and reconnect with friends from the past and relatives that I haven't seen in quite some time (or ever for my Aussie cousins).
I get some good info on health and wellness from the sites I follow on Twitter.
I also get sports and news updates from my Twitter feed.

I like Twitter and Instagram for the reason that I can follow people that choose not to follow me and vice versa.

I've said all of that to say this:
I am going to change how I use my social networking sites.
Actually, Twitter and Instagram won't change much other than to say that I may not share as much info between sites and I may decide to trim my Twitter feed by cutting a number of feeds.
Facebook I will probably cut a lot (again)!

I'm thinking that relatives and a few friends that I really want to keep in contact with and Facebook seems to be the only (or at least most convenient) way.
If you are a pastor or contact through a church or church camp, I will probably drop you from my Facebook feed. Feel free to follow on Twitter or my other Facebook page.
I have a number of NATCA contacts that I've never met that I will choose to keep. There is a camaraderie between controllers that is difficult to find outside of that unique field. On the other hand, there are some that I will drop and will probably go unnoticed.

For the most part, I rarely post directly on Facebook. The majority of posts are linked from Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. I read Facebook for birthdays and to keep up with family and a relatively small amount of friends.
At one point, my friends list grew quite large because I was using Facebook as a kind of business page to keep in contact with church leaders for potential bookings. If you are one of those, I'd suggest connecting with me on LinkedIn. That also goes for those of you that are writers.

Please believe that I really don't mean to offend anyone. I am just looking to declutter my life and this seems like the easiest place to begin. I'm going to set Sunday as my declutter day. If you are dropped and really want to stay in touch via Facebook, drop me a note and I will reconsider (or you can let me know beforehand).

John <><

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Mike said...

Blogger and facebook are pretty much it for me.