Thursday, September 15, 2016

Canada -- Days 4 & 5

Yeah, so I missed posting yesterday.
Tuesday was a fairly relaxing day. After our morning drive from Niagara back to Barrie, Gord went to work while Chris and I chilled at the hotel. We met up with Jo and Gord in the evening to watch Gord's slow pitch softball team play the semi-final and then finals of their league tournament.

Unfortunately, one of their players was injured late in the game and they ended up losing a pretty close game. So they took second place in the league and second place in the tournament. All-in-all, I think they had a fun season.

Yesterday was a fun day!
We took the drive back into Toronto for a Jays game. The Blue Jays are in the hunt for a post-season spot so the fans are pretty excited about their team. The visit to the Rogers Centre was my 13th major league ballpark and apparently bad luck for the Jays. (It was also bad luck for the Cards who took another beating at the hands of the Cubs.)

But I had my ballpark dog with kraut and mustard so I was a happy boy!

We had dinner on the waterfront after the game and walked to view the lake. We took a few pics and entertained a couple (or just interrupted their peaceful view of Lake Ontario) in the process.
Our friend Monika joined us for the game and dinner and then we moved to the rooftop lounge of her downtown condo for a nice visit with some spectacular views.

Moon rise over Lake Ontario

From the rooftop lounge

And later in the evening, looking towards the city...

At some point I suppose I should mention that hotel room in Barrie is on the top floor (4th) and at the very end of the hall. When Jo made our online reservation, she added a note in the comments section, "We would like a room away from others because we like to have loud sex."

We got an odd look when we checked in, but apparently they aim to please and our room is away from other guests!
Chris is already plotting her get-even event!

Have a grand day!

John <><

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Mike said...

Did you check the room for microphones and cameras? The loud sex comment could have attracted .... curious employees.