Friday, September 02, 2016

Thursday (in a retired guy's life)

So yesterday was another easy day (aren't they all?).
I had a few things on my phone's "to do" list, but nothing that was a large task of any kind.
I'm a little low on coffee and decided to go out for coffee yesterday. (Actually, picking up coffee for home is still on my list.)

I slept in since I had been up late watching something completely meaningless on TV. By the time I decided to skip making coffee, showered, grabbed my Chromebook and hit the road it was almost 11.
I was trying to pick a coffee shop and thought I'd pick something in downtown Springfield. I was planning on doing a little sermon prep while I drank my coffee.

I was looking for parking when I found a place at Walnut & South for motorcycle parking.
Park the bike, grab my Chromebook, library book and Bible and find a place on foot.

Since it was now 11:30 (lunchtime) and I hadn't had anything to eat yet, I decided that lunch was in order first! I was parked right by Black Sheep burgers and shakes which I had heard plenty about. I ducked in, ordered a Cuban burger (1/4 angus burger topped with ham, pulled pork, cheese and dill pickles) and cracked open my library book while waiting on my order. I skipped the shake (I still hadn't had my coffee) and passed on the fries. Reputation told me that the burger would be enough.

Oh. My!
Yes, the ham and pork that fell off the bun would have made a decent sandwich by itself! I'm glad I skipped the fries and shake (adult or otherwise). I did order a cup of coffee to go with my meal but was still planning on hitting a coffee shop to do a little studying and writing. This will go on my list of places to frequent. There are many more burgers to try!

I left there and walked up the block to the Urban Cup. I ordered a 16oz Americano and grabbed a stuffed cookie, as well. I thought about an extra shot but didn't order it. Then the barista making my drink turns and says, "We usually make the 16oz with three shots but there'll be an extra one. Do you want me to just throw it in?"

I stayed long enough to get some work done then headed out to knock a few things off the list.
Grilled Italian sausage along with a cucumber, onion, tomato salad for dinner, more time reading, a short evening ride and a little late night TV with Chris rounded out the day nicely.

Listen, this retired life isn't for everyone.
Many people tell me they'd be bored doing nothing.
It takes some real discipline to live each day without getting anything major accomplished.
It's like I always say, "Retirement isn't all fun and games. Sometimes it's just fun!"

John <><

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Kevin Gilmore said...

I always assumed I'd have plenty of time for reading in retirement but I just don't. Often times I have no plan at all but at the end of each day I find myself exhausted from all of the ways I find to fill my day. But I do occasionally have some downtime such as now to sit with my feet up and watch the world go by with the pups in my lap. It's nice!