Monday, September 19, 2016

Bucket List

Yesterday I found out that my mom has a bucket list item of going to a Chicago Cubs' game.
Unfortunately, this week is the last regular season week of games in Chicago and post season tickets are in the $250 dollar range for Standing Room Only!

After she told me that she wouldn't even know how to get tickets, I suggested that she call her grandson and let him get her tickets and I offered to pick her up and take her to the game.

So, tomorrow morning I'll be leaving early to pick her up for Tuesday night's Cincinnati Reds vs the Chicago Cubs game. To keep it a little less expensive, I'm going to ride the motorcycle to Metamora and then use my folks van for the ride to Chicago. I'd ride two up on the cycle, but Mom would eventually pass out from screaming and I'd be deaf by the time we got there. We'll meet up with the kids, enjoy a ballgame and a visit, and then get back to Metamora around midnight. There is a possibility that we'll spend the night in Chicago, but my initial preference will be to get back to Metamora. In either case, I'll make the Wednesday ride home.

Mom gets to check an item off of her bucket list.
I get to see the kids and a ballgame.
I get to see my folks for a brief visit and get a couple of days on the motorcycle.
Life is good!

Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays last week,
Wrigley Field and the Cubs this week,
Busch Stadium and the Cardinals next week!

This retirement gig is pretty rough, but it sure beats working for a living!

John <><


Kevin Gilmore said...

That sounds like a win win win!!! Enjoy!

Mike said...

How about a sidecar for Mom?

Anne Hill said...

Passed out and deaf doesn't sound like much fun but it did make me laugh! I hope you have a safe and fantastic trip and visits. I think it's marvelous that you're helping make a dream come true!