Monday, September 05, 2016

Not Laboring this Labor Day

Yes, it is a pitfall of retirement -- no more holidays!

My cousin warned me that once I retired, there would be no more days off.
No more days off.
No sick days.
No paid holidays.
Just retirement.

I guess I'll have to deal with it!

This Labor Day finds me not laboring at a Starbucks in Springfield.
I'm out of coffee so I'm here for my standard 5-shot Americano and added a breakfast sandwich. I'll grab a bag of beans to take with me and will be set for a little while.

Back to the not laboring thing...
As one of those people that worked at a 24/7 kind of job, I did work many holidays throughout my career as an air traffic controller. Chris is working today -- no holiday for those that need surgery, either.

I suppose that I need to mention that I am able to enjoy the retirement that I have because of a good pension and benefits that were largely due to a strong union and the work that was done by many others of the distant past.
Without the sacrifices of many laborers, we would not have so many of the work place benefits that we now take for granted -- most have become legal reforms in labor conditions.
It's sad that I live in such and anti-union area. So many workers have believed the lies of their employers that under pay them and exploit their need for a job in so many ways.

I do need to do some laboring at home today. Plenty of household things to be done today, laundry, mowing, fixing dinner -- it's all good though. At least I don't have to go to work -- ever!
And I'm sure that I'll manage to sit and read for a bit and maybe enjoy a good cigar.
Ahhh ... the perks of being in control of your schedule!

Happy Labor Day!
John <><

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Mike said...

Schedule? What schedule?