Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who has time for work?!

It has been a crazy week!

On Saturday we returned home from our week in Canada.
Sunday was recovery day!
Monday morning I found out that I was taking my mom to a Cubs game -- ON TUESDAY!
So I did a little laundry, packed a bag, checked the motorcycle and prepared for the next day.
Tuesday I rode just over 400 miles on the motorcycle, parked it in my parents garage, picked up my mom and drove their van (140 miles) to Chicago. We met up with Aaron and Jenny for our outing to the ballgame.

It was the first time in over 30 years that Mom had been to a Cubs game and really her first time as a real Cubs' fan. She was pretty much like a kid.

Here are a few pics from the night:

The four of us in front of Wrigley

Just the Cub fans

My ballpark Chicago dog

The Cubs won (I was happy for Mom and Jenny) and we had to hear that stupid song!
We made it to bed by midnight and then my Wednesday was the opposite of Tuesday with the drive back to my parents and the motorcycle ride home.

Thursday (tomorrow) is lake day, so that will be a nice relaxing day.
Friday night I'll be making dinner and Hannah and Daniel will be coming over to eat with us.
Saturday night is a party at a friend's house who is celebrating the end of her chemo treatments.

It is a good thing I don't have a job that I have to go to!
Makes me tired just thinking about having to go to work!

I hope your week is as fun as mine -- I know it's not, but...

John <><

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