Saturday, October 08, 2016

Writing about writing...

I know, I know...

It's been more than a week since my last post. Truthfully, I've been here several times in the past 11 days but just haven't forced myself to write anything.

I keep thinking about jumping into the political fray, but know that doing so is a risky proposition. The real problem is that there is so much spin and outright fabrication to most of the political stories that it is difficult to navigate the waters.

I know that I have probably shared some things via different social media outlets and have pointed out some false stories to their posting sources, but I am trying not to become a part of the much hated daily political posting scene. I think that most of you that know me also know where I stand and those of you that don't, probably don't care where I stand.

Our local writers' group is back to its monthly meetings (I missed last month's meeting) and so I am back to getting regular reminders to write and to write regularly. Perhaps I need to begin anew and define (or redefine) what I want Out of My Hat to look like. It certainly has changed since its early days.

Lately it has been more of a diary of sorts and less writing about issues, topics or personal viewpoints. I think that there are many lessons that can be shared through personal experiences, but don't know that I have been using my experiences to do that. If I am to continue to write of my personal activities, maybe I should include something of value as well as just sharing my day.
Or maybe I should stop writing about the things I do and share more of the things that I think and believe.
I don't know.

From the beginning, this has mostly been about me writing -- and that's all.
I did fall into the trap of competing with other bloggers about how often I post and blogging for hits rather than for fun. I'm pretty much over caring about how many people read or share my posts so I think that the quality of my writing has diminished as the caring about readership has diminished. Maybe if I just work on the quality of writing and pay attention to topics and sharing personal views, readership will take care of itself.

I've never laid any claims to being a wise person nor have I thought that I'm a person to seek out for advice or input on individual problems. I know there are people that have seen me in that way and am humbled and honor by the trust that they have in my thoughts and words.
In the next couple of months I'll see what becomes of the posts here at Out of My Hat. I will keep writing, but I will also look to be more consistent with the type of posts that you see. If it turns out that it becomes something that doesn't suit your type of reading, thanks for checking in with me over the past several years. If you think it is something worth sharing with your friends, please do!

In the end, it will still be something I do for me.

John <><

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Mike said...

Some times it's really hard not to comment on political stuff.