Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursdays are for Thanksgiving

I was sitting here this morning (relatively speaking--it's 1pm but I'm just up after working a mid) thinking about writing my Thursday post. I was thinking about writing about being thankful for coffee (hey!, it's morning--well sort of) but thought that I may have already done that. Checking shows that I have, here.

However, I'm still in the mood to write about coffee--or at least about taste. I don't know if it's the change in dietary habits or the simple desire to get a little more pleasure from simple things, but I am learning to taste. I am tasting coffee rather than just drinking coffee. I am learning to appreciate the subtleties of food combinations and spices more than I ever have in the past. I am experimenting with more flavors of teas--and enjoying them.

I've never had a real sensitive sense of smell, but I'm learning to use what I have to enjoy the flavors of food and drink more. Whether the differences are subtle (like between different roasts of coffee), noticeable (like different varieties of apples) or great (as in completely different food entrees); I am learning to sense and enjoy the differences.

Perhaps it's a matter of eating better and eating less that has encouraged me to better appreciate the flavors of life. Maybe it's the variety of foods. It could be that I'm paying more attention to what I eat and drink and the overall impact on my physical well being.

In any case, I am thankful that I've been given the ability to taste and enjoy the most basic things in life--our food and drink!

Bon appetit!
John <><

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