Sunday, January 05, 2014

Yesterday's Gone

Well the clock has moved past midnight and the calendar has changed to Sunday. That's fine with me. Saturday was a pretty long day.

We're supposed to get some wintry weather tonight and then join the rest of the country with extremely cold temperatures later Sunday and for all day Monday. So far, the temps have managed to stay a degree or two above the freezing mark with just a little bit of mist. Snow was supposed to start a couple of hours ago, so maybe will get a break on the precipitation and not have to deal with poor road conditions in addition to the cold.

I'm really thinking that I need a Mexican beach and a freshly rolled Mexican cigar to help pass the wintertime blues.
But, no! My next trip will be to the frozen "Windy City" of Chicago to take in another UFC fight with Aaron at the end of January. No worries, it will be warm inside and I always enjoy visiting with Aaron and Jenny!

I hope that you are warm if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and I hope that my Southern Hemisphere friends and family are enjoying your summer. I may have to spend my retirement winters visiting you.

John <><
Note to my non-USA friends: these temps are Fahrenheit, not Celsius.


Juliette said...

I hope your cold weather will not last too long!

Mike said...

I've got 6" to 3 ' of snow in my yard depending on where you're standing.