Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Elixir of Life

It may seem like a waste of a good Thursday post to write about being thankful for a simple cup of coffee, but it is my blog and I get to write about what I like to write about and be thankful for the things that I choose.

It's easy to understand why early morning thankful thoughts might be about a good cup of coffee. However, coffee provides more than a physiological pick me up. It provides time to prepare to face the day. Later it provides me the time to sit with a friend or my daughter and converse over a hot cup with a little cream. The time it takes to prepare and enjoy a good cup of coffee is relaxing, therapeutic.

I've learned to taste coffee rather than to just drink coffee. The flavor subtleties of a light or medium roast can be very enjoyable. I'm not a flavored coffee fan. I enjoy coffee--black, no sweetener. Sometimes I add a little cream. I make my daily quart of espresso Americano  with a stove top espresso maker and hot water. I may have a cup at work (K-cup) but usually have tea at work (less caffeine and easier to keep fresh).

I didn't set out to be a coffee snob; it just sort of happened when I realized that most store bought stuff is stale (and tastes stale) from way before it ever made it to the shelf. The thing about drinking good coffee is ... well, it's good!


John <><

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