Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Old Man

January 2 was the last day of a coworker's ATC career. DW's retirement leaves me as the "Old Man" of the facility. I'm still hovering just above the middle as far as seniority goes because I came in as an old guy.

Given the nature of air traffic controllers and the fact that there are a number of controllers here that have worked in busier facilities and have more years under their ATC belts, I have no direct responsibility to serve as any type of role model controller or employee. It's probably just as well. The air traffic world would be a disaster if it was populated by JH clones.

No, my "old man" status doesn't mean anything other than I am now the oldest of my coworkers. It doesn't mean I'll be next to retire. It doesn't mean I know more about ATC. It doesn't even mean I know more about life or have experienced more life than my coworkers.

It doesn't mean that I have any great wisdom to offer or knowledge to impart. Nor does it mean that I've earned any kind of respect for being old. It just means that I'm old (at least in ATC years). Maybe I could at least get a premium parking spot with a sign that says "Reserved for the Old Man."

Not likely.

Enjoy your retirement DW! I'll be along soon enough!

John <><


Anonymous said...

You are far from old in my book. Otherwise, I would be considered old as well. Old takes on a whole new meaning at our age.

Anonymous said...

The term old takes on a whole new meaning the more we age. Old is at least 25 or 30 years older than we are. John, we are far from old.