Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday night notes

Well it's 11:30 and Aaron and I are on our way home from the St. Louis Cardinals' baseball game. The good news is that the Cards won! Since it was drizzling to raining approaching downtown (and throughout most of the game) we knew that the teams wouldn't be taking batting practice. This meant that we had time to detour to Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard. It was a last minute decision so I didn't have time to notify Mike. We'll meet at Drewe's at the end of September when we're back for another ballgame.

So I've had my Ted Drewe's, my ballpark hotdog (with grilled onions, sauerkraut and mustard) and a few White Castle double jalapeno cheeseburgers. Now I'm a happy boy. Aaron is driving and we should be home around 2:15 am of so. I'll have to snooze while he drives since it's up at 5 for work.

Life is good----way good.



Mike said...

So you can stay awake in a dark room for four hours but take a nap in a moving car with your kid driving. I'm takin' the train next time I go anywhere.

Sicilian said...

I can smell the onions.